Green smoothie II and III

I have been trying, in my smoothie making, to avoid adding sugar or using fruits that are basically sugar – banana, I’m looking at you. Today, I went a little cray and used a mango which would usually be on the no go list but I feel like it’s very close to the border of acceptability so I just went with it. That’s the kind of bad gal I am, watch out. What came out of my blender was the most magnificent milkshake I’d ever made. I didn’t intend for it to be a milkshake or for it to resemble fruit salad ice cream but it did and for some reason I liked it.  As an aside I’d like to point out that in every day life I am vehemently opposed to non-milkshake fruit salads. The whole idea of it is so depressing and nondescript. “Honey, go to the store tonight and pick up some fruit for fruit salad” – technically, s/he could come back with aubergines, a few tomatoes, a banana and some lychees and that would be a legitimate fruit salad. But the people who eat fruit salad think of fruit as an apples, oranges, strawberries, grapes, bananas and if you’re lucky something that has been imported from a Caribbean island, maybe a pineapple. Then you come back with your “fruit” cut it up, put it in the fridge for a few hours with a bit more sugar and some water and voila, you have a bowl of 2cm x 2cm discoloured matter that all tastes the same and is a bit soggy. Oh, I know what it needs now! Some whipped cream, just to top it off and make it even less palatable. Urgh, I hate fruit salad. But I liked these smoothies and I liked that there was no added sugar, honey, bee pollen etc and I liked that bananas didn’t go in them because I am so bored of people putting them in everything. Seriously, where did the necessity to put bananas in everything come from??

…. I blame Elvis.


Fruit salad milkshake aka Green smoothie II

Ingredients (Serves 1 hungry, 2 not hungry)

1/3 melon

1/2 mango

20 cl soya milk

1/2  apple (mine was frozen which made it even more slushy and delicious)

5 ice cubes

10 cl water

1 big handful of spinach

Green smoothie III

Ingredients (Serves 1 hungry, 2 not hungry)

1 apple

1/3 melon

20 cl soya milk

5 ice cubes

1 big handful spinach


Gettit?? Wiz....

Gettit?? Wiz….


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