Diet Tacos

This recipe makes me happy. Firstly because every time I say “collard greens” in my head, I always do it in a Southern accent and think of wrap around porches and old ladies wearing aprons drinking lemonade. Secondly, because it reminds me of visiting my family in Upstate New York where you can buy collard greens and a dissostichus eleginoides, aka the patagonian toothfish, aka the Chilean Seabass. We threw a Chilean Seabass on the BBQ and I used the left overs for this diet taco. We don’t have them back here in the UK but it’s very similar to a butterfish (black cod). If that’s still too hard to find use a normal cod, lobster, langoustine or king prawns. You really want the fatiness associated with those types of fish. Also, if you’re finding collard greens hard to track down then spring greens will do but really the collard green is 80% of the fun. Collaaarrrd greayns.


Ingredients (serves 1-2)

1 fillet of Chilean Seabass or Butterfish

2 large leaves of a collard green (tough stem removed)

1 jalepeno chilli

1/3 of a red onion

1/4 orange pepper

1/4 red pepper

1 tomato

A large handful of corriander

1/2 lime



  • Finely dice the jalepeno, red onion, orange and red peppers and tomato.
  • Roughly chop the corriander and add to the diced vegetables (which are actually fruit). Squeeze in the juice of half a lime. Add a good pinch of salt and a little pepper.
  • Break up the fish fillet into chunks.
  • Wash and dry the collard green leaves. Add around 2 tbsps of the salsa to the collard green then top with a few chunks of fish and a little more lime juice. Now roll up the wrap, making sure the bottom is secure and try not to ruin your clothes!


  1. Michele Stopford says:

    This tastes amazing. Have tried a few variations now and love the flavours. Especially with grilled Halibut or sea Bass.


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