How to trim artichokes, baby or otherwise.

Another other “How To” post…. I fear I’m one step away from becoming a career agony aunt. I’m going to keep this brief because cleaning artichokes is time consuming enough. I think the only real thing to mention here is that if I were you I would err on the side of caution when it comes to picking off the leaves. Apparently there’s nothing like gnawing on some tough foliage to ruin an evening.

Hopefully you’ll find this useful and get to the artichokes now before the season’s over!


If you’re planning on gutting a few then prepare a bowl big enough to hold the trimmed artichokes with water and lemon. Artichokes brown quickly, the lemon stops this from happening and the bowl-method versus the “stop-and-dab-each-artichoke-with-lemon-method” is less time consuming.

Start by peeling back the tough outer leaves. As mentioned previously, I pull away probably more than I should but you definitely want the leaves to be mostly green and only slightly purple. Once you’ve got to the green leaves, cut 5mm off the top of the bulb.

Next, run a peeler over the stalk. Taper in the stalk at the end with the peeler, then take 1cm off the end of the stalk. With a small knife, smooth out the areas where the bases of the outer leaves are. Do this carefully.

Then cut the artichoke in half lengthways. In the middle of the bulb, where the leaves are folding in on each other, you will see some fine, white spiky leaves. This is called the choke. Remove this by running a knife along the base of the choke, then along the sides in  the leaves. If it doesn’t come out smoothly, which it often doesn’t, then pry it out with a small knife. There will be some choke obscured from view by the leaves, but you should be able to easily tease it out.

Then you’re finished! Now quickly rub them in lemon or dump them in the lemon water bath. And enjoy these annoyingly delicious flowers. Yep, they’re technically flowers.



  1. Roxysnewblog says:

    I Love artichokes , the lengthy process of preparing them is well worth the time ..ever try stuffing larger artchiokes? I will soon follow up with yummy recipe!!!Cheers

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  2. Jade DaRu says:

    I love artichokes too. I definitely want to try this. My family always did stuffed artichokes but doing them this way will be much lighter and healthier. Thanks for the post!


  3. Jade DaRu says:

    I just read your bio and I’m laughing because, while I’m more of a home cook, the same thing happened to me where several people told me I should start a blog. I really enjoy it so far.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Stop! Food! says:

      Haha! It’s great isn’t it? i love being able to rant to no one and everyone at the same time. And yes, I think it probably is easier to reblog on the computer. Sorry not to be of more help!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Jade DaRu says:

    Reblogged this on Jaded Living and commented:
    I just discovered this great blog from Ali Stopford called Being that artichokes are one of my favorite foods (Italian household…we always did stuffed ones), I love that this is a healthier alternative. I can’t wait to try this. Now I just have to think up a delicious dipping sauce to go with it. Thanks Ali!


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