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Prosciutto with artichokes, rosemary and truffle oil

So truffle oil is kind of a weird thing. I think lots of people assume it’s super fancy and, you know, actually made with truffles. But the reality is that most of it is produced in a factory using thioethers. Most truffle oil hasn’t even seen a truffle before and given that typically chilli oil, garlic oil, rosemary oil etc have all seen their respective counterparts, it almost seems like false advertising to deem truffle-flavoured oil as truffle oil. Especially considering the whole Greek yoghurt debacle. It’s for this reason that for a long time I’ve been averse to the stuff. It just seems like cheating.
To me “truffle oil” is false teeth, a knock-off handbag, a rita ora to a Rhianna… (notice rita doesn’t get capitals).

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Mama’s Mini Pita Pizza

My mama is a clever woman. She realised wayyy before this whole stupid courgetti trend that fatty foods made less fatty were a good idea. That coupled with the fact that I was a pizza-loving, food-obsessed, abnormally-large 10 year old, made mini pizzas a go to, after-school recipe. Continue reading