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Fish soup

Empirical pedantry is probably my favourite form of linguistic pedantry. When someone asks me “what do you know about X?”, I like to respond with something like: “Do we really know anything? Have you read Hume or Bertrand Russell? Clearly not. But what I can say is that I have been told X is quite [insert adjective]”. This is potentially why every conversation I have takes thrice the amount of time it should but I think people prefer accuracy to brevity. Continue reading


How to make Labneh cheese at home

I bet Kate Hudson never did a cheese column during her time as Andie Anderson of Composure Magazine. I get that losing a guy in 10 days is probably better for the big screen than watching whey separate from curds but after 24 hours, not 240, you have cheese and not.. not a man. It’s much more productive. Continue reading

Tricolore! Salsa Verde! Arugula, cod and peppers

Saying things in Italian is just more fun. I don’t know if it’s from watching A Fish Called Wanda so many times or because Italian waiters are always happy to bring you olives and bread and limoncello. Even when they’re sad, they’re still trying to give you limoncello. Or maybe it’s just a very fun language, but pretending to speak Italian makes me giddy. Continue reading