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Seared tuna with spinach and a sortof caponata

I have fallen in love again. Head over heels. The latest victim of my affections makes me feel so young and alive. I’m sorry for sounding smug and I know this must be sickening to read. But you can have this too if you want; it’s not hard. In fact, you can buy it for £10 at Lilywhites. Continue reading


Green smoothie no. 1

I really don’t like breakfast and I think fruit is stupid. Nature’s candy, it’s like a gateway drug for chocolate bars and red velvet cupcakes. Also, if you’re going to eat a load of sugar, just have a strawb. They taste better than real strawberries anyway and don’t give me shivers in my cheeks when I eat them. Continue reading

Green smoothie II and III

I have been trying, in my smoothie making, to avoid adding sugar or using fruits that are basically sugar – banana, I’m looking at you. Today, I went a little cray and used a mango which would usually be on the no go list but I feel like it’s very close to the border of acceptability so I just went with it. That’s the kind of bad gal I am, watch out. Continue reading